Netjunkies was formed December of 1998 by Linda Anderson for the purpose of bringing friends together with basically the same interests. It was deleted around May of 2002. From that point on, it seemed like something was missing, so as of March 20, 2005, it is back up and running.

The purpose of the group is to be able to send jokes, pages of interest, poems, letters or whatever the heart desires to everyone else in the group. It is a way of introducing your interests to others or even your webpages. It is a place to let off steam and find help in building webpages. Most of us are old friends and have known each other for many years. This is just a way of getting us all back together as one. Thanks for joining.

You have already been introduced to the group list starter, Linda, now let us introduce you to the co-moderator, Norma R.. I know a lot of you already knows the dear lady and love her as much as I do.

If you scroll down you will notice a subscription box. Please feel free to use it to join this group. Please feel free to use it to join this group.

There are several options on how to receive mail from this group.

1) Normal e-mail - this is where you will receive every post.

2) Digest - this consists of receiving about 25 posts in one lump email. This comes in handy when one works or receives a lot of email.

3) No-Mail - this is where the mail stays at the yahoogroup and you sign it to read it. It does not come into your email box.

There are several ways of getting your mail status changed if you cannot get into your groups at yahoo. They are as follows:

1) Normal mail - Netjunkies-normal@yahoogroups.com

2) Digest - Netjunkies-digest@yahoogroups.com

3) No-mail - Netjunkies-nomail@yahoogroups.com

Once you have signed up for Netjunkies, you will then be able to send messages to the group by addressing your posts to Netjunkies@yahoogroups.com.

Hope to see you posting soon.
Linda A. [List starter]

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