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As We Reminisce

There are always a lot of thoughts when people come together over the internet. I bring you those thoughts from some of the people who took the precious time out of their lives and came together for one soul purpose: To meet the people who make them smile, or cry, or laugh, or even those who make you worry.

I make this page to thank the ones who could make it to Vegas. They will be embedded in my heart forever. I also dedicate this page to those who could not make it. You may not have been there in person, but you sure were there in spirit. For those who made the trip and for those who did not, you are all so very much appreciated. You are what Internetjunkies is all about. Love, companionship, trust, hope, respect, and so much more.
Thank you Internetjunkies,
Love and HUGZ,

This is a letter from Gina. Her and her husband came from the lower part of California to meet all of us.

I definitely think we should do it again. All and all it was really great fun. It brought us all together and we got to meet and really see who we're chatting with. It gave us a special bond which I for one really love. Of course winning some money was fun too.  We did win some money didn't we? LOL

  The trip was so much fun and relaxing. It was great to see all of our unique personalities. We are all such nuts! :-) We should stay closer towards the middle of the strip next time though. We spent lots of time riding trollies and driving around. Of course, that just made it more fun, but the real fun was when we were walking and looking at everything and teasing each other.

Oh gosh, I just loved meeting everyone and everyday I think of something that happened and it brings a big smile to my face! Everyone is so very special to me and I just can't express it all into words. Here's hoping that next year more of the internetjunkies group will be able to join us.

Dave, of course, loved the talk to the had thing! We even have a picture of the hand in question, thanks to Robbie.  The hand in question is Dave's hand he put it up just as she was going to take a great picture.

  I hope this helps a little bit! I just can't express into words what this trip meant to me. I am really looking forward to next year. Dave and I will fly this time as the driving part was a little bit hairy! I think you know what I'm talking about, right Linda. LOL 

Eamil: Dave & Gina

Oh yes, Gina.. I know exactly what you mean. When I put these pages together, I could not help but smile. I am hoping next year more will be able to come. I am grateful for this being the second meeting of ours. Little did I know that in the near future would there be a third. You are such a kind lady. I enjoy being around you.. and your husband, of course. :-)

Norma and Darwin are from Illinois. Wonderful couple and a delight to be around.

Linda, about the email you wrote. I would love to do it every year. I hope more and more could join us.

I can't describe the feeling of meeting someone who you wrote to for years. There are no words for it. It forms a special bond. When I met the other ones who came to my home before the trip it was the same feeling.

I am now much closer than I ever thought I would be because it is not just a keyboard. It was so special meeting you for all the things you have done for me over the years.

The hard part is saying bye.

I just am what you see. Love to have my fun and laughter.

Email: Norma

Norma.. I will always be grateful to you for being my very first fan. Since our meeting in a chatroom a long time ago, you have always made me feel special.. I thank you for that, and I love your laughter.. It is contagious.. :-)

Now a note from a lady I call Sis.. Her name is Tracey and she lives in Oregon like I do.

I'm trying to remember all the neat stuff about the Vegas trip.

The fountain
Treasure Island Pirate Fight
The spectacular lights and entertainment. The unusual tourists.

*Being able to stay up all night and not get tired.
*Make-up staying on without having to touch it up!
*Machines that pay well, without having to spend all your money on them.

*Never knowing what time of day it was, or WHAT DAY it was. LOL
*Being mistaken for a missing woman
*The casinos having painted ceilings that make it look like it's daylight when it could be three in the morning.
*The Cab rides
*The Tolley rides
*The Bus ride

I got the most enjoyment out of meeting everyone. They're so much more special in person. It was difficult to say goodbye, because there was such an immediate shared love among us all, that made it seem like family.

Email: Tracey

I agree with you sis.. the warmth that we felt..and instantly. That warmth will always be there.. and it will always make me smile.

This just in!! A sweet letter from Beanie. :-)

I would just like to say that Frank and I really are glad that we had a chance to meet all of you---I felt that I knew you---but actually when you are writing email you aren't really sure of who you are writing to. now you all have faces and when I tell Frank about one of you he knows who I am talking about.

WE think you are all great.Thank you

Norma-Darwin-Rick-Linda-Robbie-Tracey and Gina and Dave--I am glad you are my friends--we are glad to have been included---

Email: Beanie

Beanie, it would not have been the same without you. We are all glad you came along as well. You and Frank are just the sweetest. :-)

Now a letter from Robbie.

Surpisingly, I had no apprehensions at all about actually meeting these people. I've often wondered why. I think it's because I knew what they were like, what they were "really all about" from my experiences with them on-line. I cared a great deal for everybody in this group long before the subject of actually meeting each other came up, and I feel safe in assuming that they felt the same way. Of course, since our "family reunion", the feeling has grown much stronger on my part. There's nothing I wouldn't do for them.

From our first hugs and "Hello!", I knew that they were all meant to be a part of my life - forever! (Are you all scared yet??? ) And, of course, it just got better from there.

From digging through underwear drawers (while we were supposedly looking for a camera) to helping with bibs; from chocolate ice cream on moving walkways, to looking for dropped Ibuprofen while driving. From mysterious escalator rides to "telling it to the hand"; from hearing roosters crow (Give me some back-up here!) to getting yelled at for walking on dirt. It was an experience I will never forget; I will always treasure the memories of this. And I will always treasure these people.

I have never laughed so hard in my life. And I've never cried so hard. Saying, "Good bye" was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But, of course, we didn't "really" say good bye; we actually just said, "See you again soon".

And, as an extra-special bonus, my Mom liked everybody too! (Now, that's a first! (-; )

These people have all had a profound impact on my life, and I'm eternally grateful to all of you for giving me the gift of YOU!

(((((Linda))))) (((((Rick))))) (((((Gina & Dave))))) (((((Norma & Darwin))))) (((((Beanie & Frank))))) (((((Tracey)))))

You all are - and always will be - friends in my life, and family in my heart.

I love you all!

Love and hugs always,

Email: Robbie

Robbie, those are wonderful thoughts and you brought back some things I had not thought about for a while. I think I can speak for those who met your mom, we kind of like her too. Now about that underwear draw... *big grin*

Email: Netjunkies
or Rick or Linda

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