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Posting Ads
As of right now we only have one rule for posting. Our group is all about fun and friendship. We want our members to share pages and/or sites that might be of interest other members. If you would like to promote your personal website or a friend's website, we welcome that, but we will not accept posts advertising businesses, business opportunities, affiliate program links, or anything of that nature. We get enough of this type of mail in personal E-mail. We don't want it posted in our group. If you post any of this sort on advertising, you will be advised not to post ads to the group. A second posting of this type will force us to moderate all of your future posts. Unless you have joined our group solely for this purpose, this should not affect you in any way. If you're not sure of a page that you want to send, forward it to Linda (owner) or Rick (co-moderator) for review.

Forwarded E-mail
We do not moderate (accept or reject) subscriptions to our group, which means anyone can join and all are welcome. Unfortunately, we have no control over what our members do with the E-mail addresses that are contained in the posts. Therefore, for the privacy of your friends, we suggest that you do not forward any E-mail or include Internet Junkies in an E-mail with your friends' E-mail addresses. I like to think we have a trustworthy group here, but we cannot guarantee that the E-mail addresses will not be used and abused by future subscribers. Again, this is to insure the privacy that your friends deserve.

Virus and E-mail Bomb Warnings
We would also like for you to do your best to varify any virus, E-mail bomb, or anything of that nature before posting it the group. The majority of these warnings are not legitimate. The only thing they do is cause unnecessary panic. Here are a some sites that you can use to find the false warnings. The first one is Computer Virus Myths. The second one is The Truth About Hoaxes. Another site is WebTVAnd Viruses. This site explains all about WebTV and viruses, and has a few links to other sites that you can use to verify viruses, hoaxes, and urban legends. It also has a virus search box at the bottom of the page.

Finally, we don't really have any set restrictions on what can or can't be posted, however, we do ask that you use some discretion when posting. We ask that you do not post anything that might be offensive to our members. What might be offensive to our members? Well, that's a hard question to answer. As you know, different people have different opinions of what is offensive. The best way to determine if a page or site might be offensive is to read what the members post and then make your own decision.

Again, if you have any questions please E-mail Linda or Rick

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