Netjunkies Survey

Answer any or all of these questons and send it to I will take care of the rest.

WebTV users: I have added a text box to make it a little easier for you to copy your survey and for me to put it on a page. First, scroll down to the text box. Answer as many of the questions as you want. Hold the "cmd" key and press "A". This should highlight everything in the text box. Hold the "cmd" key and press the "C" key to copy it. In an E-mail, hold the "cmd" key and press "V".
After you answer the questions and send them to me, I will put each member on a separate page and link them all together. I have tried not to get too personal, but if there are any questions that you're not comfortable with, just leave it blank.


Thank you, Rick, for making up this survey. It still comes in handy and I will always be grateful for all your help and being who you are.
Linda A.

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