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Nick Name: chuck995

Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio

Hometown: Toledo

Are you married: NO

Do you have children: NO

If yes, names and ages: N/A

Occupation: truck driver retired

Spouse's occupation: none

What do you do in your spare time: Talking to people on the web ..

Favorite colors: blue

Pets: none

Favorite type of music: country

Favorite group or singer: GARTH BROOKS

Dream car: A big black pickup truck

Type of car you drive now: 1991 S10 pickup

Favorite food: all kinds

Favorite ice cream: all kinds

Favorite soft drink: mistic<< grape&strawberry

Favorite type of family game to play:

Favorite time of the year: All year when I`m with my friends

Favorite subject in school: math

Least favorite subject: reading

Favorite movie you have seen recently: It is hard to say I like all  kinds of them ...

Favorite movie of all time: Star Trek Insurrection

Favorite sport to watch: THE NHL

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