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David Mokeler

Nick Name: Dave
Birthplace: Melrose,Ma
Hometown: Melrose,Ma
Are you married: No
Do you have children: No
Occupation: Folder Operator
What do you do in your spare time: Internet, work on my web page.
Favorite colors: red
Pets: 4 cats
Favorite type of music: new country
Favorite group or singer: garth brooks
Dream car: corvette stingray
Type of car you drive now: Hyundai Accent
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite ice cream: chocolate
Favorite soft drink: coke
Favorite type of family game to play:
Favorite time of the year: summer
Favorite subject in school: none
Least favorite subject: none
Favorite movie you have seen recently: big daddy
Favorite movie of all time: titanic
Favorite sport to watch: undecided

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