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Georgina Liening

Nick Name: Gina

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

Hometown: San Diego, California

Are you married: yes

Do you have children: no, well yes- one husband!

If yes, names and ages: Dave 48 :-)

Occupation: planner/purchaser for printing company

Spouse's occupation: operations manager

What do you do in your spare time: play on the computer

Favorite colors: blue,green,pink

Pets: minature daschund-Hanna

Favorite type of music: oldies and some top 40

Favorite group or singer: Jimmy Buffet

Dream car: BMW convertible

Type of car you drive now: Saturn SL2

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite ice cream: cookies & cream

Favorite soft drink: Sobe black tea

Favorite type of family game to play: Poker Pokeno

Favorite time of the year: Christmas

Favorite subject in school: English

Least favorite subject: Math

Favorite movie you have seen recently: Star Wars

Phantom Menace

Favorite movie of all time: My Fair Lady

Favorite sport to watch: baseball and ice skating.

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