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Nick Name: Janus7

Hometown:  Gainesville, GA

Are you married:  Widow

Do you have children:  Yes

If yes, names and ages:  Mark, 25 and Jason, 23

Occupation: Nurse

What do you do in your spare time:  Flower gardening, crafts, reading, computer

Favorite colors: blues & greens

Pets:  3 Chihuahuas & 5 cats

Favorite type of music:  Anything with a good beat

Favorite group or singer:  None really

Dream car:  Looks classy, never breaks down and drives itself on voice command ( owners voice only)

Favorite food: chocolate

Favorite ice cream:  chocolate

Favorite soft drink:  Coke

Favorite type of family game to play: Trivia

Favorite time of the year: Autumn

Favorite subject in school: Literature

Least favorite subject: Home Ec.

Favorite movie you have seen recently: The Blair Witch Project

Favorite movie of all time: Ghost Story

Favorite sport to watch: Hate them all equally

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