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Linda Diane Anderson

Nick Name: Linda

Birthplace: Longview, WA

Hometown: Rainier, OR

Are you married: Divorced

Do you have children: 3

If yes, names and ages: a boy (24) a girl (22) and another boy (10)

Occupation: care-provider

Spouse's occupation: n/a

What do you do in your spare time: What is spare time? LOL Swim,   read, design webpages. ..

Favorite colors: lavender, darkslategray, plum, black..

Pets: n/a

Favorite type of music: classic rock

Favorite group or singer: Eagles

Dream car: Not one in particular

Type of car you drive now: 89 Ford Escort

Favorite food: Taco's

Favorite ice cream: orange sherbert

Favorite soft drink: diet coke

Favorite type of family game to play: super nintendo

Favorite time of the year: Christmas

Favorite subject in school: Math

Least favorite subject: Speech

Favorite movie you have seen recently: You Got Mail

Favorite movie of all time: The Rock

Favorite sport to watch: What is sports?? I love figure skating....

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