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My Alias

Nick Name: Goodtimegurl

Birthplace: Butte, Montana

Hometown: I consider it to be Grand Junction, Colorado. But I live in Port Orchard, Washington.

Are you married: Happily so!

Do you have children: Yes! And I love 'em!

If yes, names and ages: Amber Dawn (just turned 11-years-old), and Heather Lynne (will be 2-years-old on Aug. 19)

Occupation: Domestic goddess

Spouse's occupation: Electrician on the USS Carl Vinson (Go Gold Eagle!)

What do you do in your spare time: Hang out with my family; try to be humorous; submit postings to 2 wonderful Egroups

Favorite colors: Red, purple, white, black, silver and gold

Pets: My cat, Callie (and my husband and kids)

Favorite type of music: Anything except rap and opera. But I'm the ultimate 80's kid, so I prefer music from that decade.

Favorite group or singer: Billy Idol; Rush; Def Leppard


Type of car you drive now: '92 Ford Ranger XLT

Favorite food: Anything with GARLIC!!! (My heritage is 25% Italian)

Favorite ice cream: Depends on what time of the month it is!

Favorite soft drink: Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew

Favorite type of family game to play: Cribbage and Dominoes

Favorite time of the year: Spring and winter

Favorite subject in school: Tom Black! (hehe)

Seriously: English (especially Literature) and Psychology

Least favorite subject: Math and Science

Favorite movie you have seen recently: Tarzan

Favorite movie of all time: Footloose

Favorite sport to watch: Pro Football (Go Broncos! [And take the Nuggets with you! hehehe]), College Basketball, and WWF Wrestling            

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