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Penny Van Norman

Nick Name: Penny

Birth Place: Cleveland Ohio

Hometown: McDaniels Kentucky

Are You Married: No! I'm a Widow

Children: None

Occupation: Homemaker

What do you do in your spare time: Surf the internet.

Favorite Colors: Lavender and Midnight Blue

Pets: I have 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 Gecko Lizards and Guppies (Fish)

Favorite type of Music: Rock-n-Roll(70's and 80's) Oldies, Country and Christian

Music Favorite Singer or Group: Alan Jackson

Dream Car: Mini-Van

Type of Car You Drive now: 1985 Mercury Marquise and 1985 Pontiac Sunbird SW

Favorite Food: Liver and Pizza

Favorite Ice Cream: Fudge Royal

Favorite Soft Drink: Pepsi

Favorite type of Family game to play: Skipbo

Favorite time of year: Summer

Favorite Subject in School: Spelling

Least favorite subject: Math

Favorite movie you have seen recently: Rush Hour

Favorite movie all time: Mrs. Doubtfire

Favorite Sport to watch: WCW Wrestling

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