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Tracey Kirkham

Nick Name: Trace or Angel-Grace
Birthplace: Portland Oregon
Hometown: Seaside Oregon
Are you married: Nope :D
Do you have children: Yes
If yes, names and ages: Joshua, born April 13, 1994
Occupation: In between at the moment
Spouse's occupation: N/A
What do you do in your spare time: Write, draw, go online, work on and learn about making new pages and sites
Favorite colors: Deep Purple, Cobalt Blue, Bugundy, Deep Emerald Forest Green
Pets: N/A
Favorite type of music: Top 40's, Disco, New Age, Instrumental, Meditational, soft soothing sounds, some funk, sometimes rap, sometimes Jazz.
Favorite group or singer: Santana, Kenny Loggins, Prince, Backstreet Boys, LFO, Enya, Deep Forest, Darrell Hall, Steely Dan, Micheal McDonald, Doobie Brothers
Dream car: PT CRUISER!!!! :) :D
Type of car you drive now: hoof it
Favorite foods: Sketters! (Spaghetti), Pizza and hamburgers
Favorite ice cream: Chocolate, or vanilla with cholate sauce
Favorite soft drink: Diet Coke
Favorite type of family game to play: N/A
Favorite time of the year: Fall
Favorite subject in school: Art, Choir, English, Writing
Least favorite subject: Math...STILL IS! :O :)
Favorite movie you have seen recently: "The Green Mile"
Favorite movies of all time: "The Sound of Music" and "Love at First Bite"
Favorite sport to watch:Ice Skating, Ballroom dancing, dance competitions, gymnastics

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